Organizations today face challenges at various levels. They have continually changing business imperatives such as globalization, cost optimization, shifting demographics, improved quality and innovations, reduced product lifecycles etc. Organizations must make sure that their employees are well-equipped to adapt and deliver to meet customer satisfaction requirements even in the face of these challenges. They need to identify goals and performance indicators for employees at various levels, quantify the current level of skills required to meet these benchmarks, impart necessary corrective training to fill the gaps, ensure that the trainings have indeed helped by way of measuring performance improvements post-training. We help our clients conduct these and many other supporting talent management activities by way of our following products:

  1. OptiPerformance:

    A well-designed product to define and improve employee performance.

  2. OptiTalent:

    A complete solution to manage the most valuable asset of your company, i.e., your talent pool.

About Solutionsline

Solutionsline SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in delivering innovative solutions for Learning and Education Management, Performance and Talent Management, Test and Survey Management, and Customer Relationship Management, as well as e-governance and m-governance.

We specialize in services for Learning Content Development. Our services also include software consulting, design, development, testing, integration, and ERP implementation. We use state-of-the-art technologies such as J2EE, Web 2.0, SOA, SaaS, and industry-standard frameworks.

We serve our global customers through offices in Pune (India), Los Gatos (USA), and Hounslow (UK).

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